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What do I do if I run into a bee hive (or a hornet hive)?

First of all, DO NOT HOSE THEM DOWN!!!  What you do is spread out the problem and make our job harder to do and you might make them mad, causing them to sting you.

What do I do if I get stung by a bee?

With a flat object, (credit card or fingernail) scrape the stinger off.  DO NOT USE TWEEZERS OR SQUEEZE IT.  What you will end up doing is that you will inject more of the venom into your body.

What if I am unsure if I have a bee hive in my home?

Anytime you see bees visiting the same place over and over, you definitely have a hive.

What if a bees gets inside my home?

Remove the elderly, children, and pets.  Then close the room if possible and put a towel at the door to keep them in there and call us right away 1-888-829-3045.

What do you do with the bees that you remove?

Our primary focus is to remove the immediate danger from the area.  All of our highly trained technicians will evaluate the area whether to safely transport them (relocation) or use other means.  All bees that we save are used in the manner that God created for them – to create flowers, vegetables, fruit and eventually honey.

How can I tell the difference between an africanized bee and a regular bee?

You can’t tell whether they are Africanized or not.  The state of California requires us to treat all cases as if they were Africanized bees.  Use extreme caution and call us.

How much does it cost?

When you call, one of our highly trained technicians will return the call and give you an estimate over then phone 1-888-829-3045.

24 Hours 7 Days, Including Holidays


Your call is very important!  We really have our dispatch in place.  Once we’ve received the dispatch via phone, email or fax, then we contact our nearest available highly trained and certified Bee Technicians to respond to the call.  He will show up, evaluate the situation and either save the bees or treat them depending on the surrounding situation taking into account foot traffic, surroundings, danger, ect.  The whole dispatch to treatment process is usually done within three (3) hours or less.

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