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Honey Bee

Of the Genus Apis, honey bees are beneficial to us and our environment because they pollinate crops and produce honey and beeswax.

There are 3 castes of honeybee:

  • the worker bee
  • the drone bee
  • the queen bee

The worker bees are all female but don’t reproduce.  They handle all the activities for the good of the hive.  If they need to be guards then they are guards, if they need to be a nurse then they are a nurse, if they need to gather pollen then they go gather pollen and so on and so forth.

The drone bees are all male and they cannot sting.  What they do is mate with the queen and procreate and once they do they die after mating.

There is only one queen bee per colony.  She is fed and catered by a select few number of worker bees.  Her only job in the hive is to produce eggs, where she can produce up to 2,000 eggs per day.


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